Needs a little work on the treadmill

Posted by Ron on October 23, 2009
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This girl is one of those girls you fuck a few times then forget. She is the kind of girl that will go home with anyone as long as her friends aren’t looking. I do like a little chub everyone once in a while but it is not my main choice. My vote is she needs to buy a treadmill and run the belt down on it a bit.

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Sexy weekend at the lake house

This “Girl Next Door” type got a few pics of her snapped while at he ex boyfriends lake house. The guy who sent them in did not tell me much more of the story other than she left him about 4 years ago. I wonder if she knows that he still has these pics of her. I wonder if she knows that we can see her pussy on the internet now too!

In any case, thanks to the guy who sent these in… she must have been a great fuck. If you can get some more of her I am sure we would all love to see more pics of that pussy spread or a dick stuffed in her mouth.

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Topless photos in a dirty motel

You may recall me saying many, many times that I love when women have smaller tits, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate and enjoy a large, natural rack of lamb. In fact, most of my ex girlfriends have big, all-natural boobs that inadvertently slap me in the face when they’re taking me for a joyride, and who doesn’t love that kind of abuse?

Tiny submitted these candid shots of his ex girlfriend topless, during one of their many sexual encounters. It appears he may have even left his mark a bit, in the last picture. He says that she drove men crazy with her big boobies. They would trip over and run into things, all the time, while staring at her chest. Tiny didn’t mind, though. He saw it as more of a compliment, because, after all, he was the only one that got to play with them, at the end of the day. They just didn’t have what it took to keep their relationship alive.

Naked in fiances mother in laws house

Cyale sent these big boob pictures in for us all. She has one nice rack! I would love to tity fuck her! These pictures were taken over thanksgiving 2005 at her mothers house. They were never released…. untill now.

Sarah, the big tity girl, was a heavy gambler. She gambeled their mortgage payments away on a house that they just put $15,000 down on. Payments started comming in late and they had a car repoe’d. After finaly foreclosing on the house and moving in with his parents, she left him just like that. What a greedy bitch.

Well Cyale did the right thing and submitted her big ass tits! Not sure why he would want to marry her in the first place, she just looks like a nice drunk night bang. So kudos to you for getting out of that Cyale.

Exgirlfriend with glasses spreads her legs

This girl was sent to me by Jeromy. He said she was a very clingy girl and he had to “kick her to the curb”. I hope he kept her on as a good lay every now and then. She does not look like the type of girl I would want to go after but she would be a good lay any day.

This was just before they went back to college for the their softmore year. She lived with her room mates and each had their own room. This is the room that they are currently in. Way to tear it up and kick her to the curb Jeromy!