Stripping exgirlfriend doing laundry naked

I love it when guys snap photos of their girls then send them in! Otherwise we would never see this girl. This girl was paranoid about her boyfriend having these naked photos but now we know why…. because he posts them online! Thanks for the pics bud. Please tell me you tap that ass every now and then. It’s to good a piece of meat to let go.

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Pink Outfitted Stripper Smoking Pot

I just love this girl in her pink stripper outfit. What more can a girl do than strip down in a pink outfit, let the guy take pics and then smoke some pot? Her pierced nipples just go to show that she is a major slut. It is girls like these that you don’t take home to mom, these girls are the type of girls you fun with for a while then kick them out before mom comes home.

Once you get wrapped up in a stripper you will start to notice many things in your life changing. One the sex will be awesome and most strippers will do everything they can to keep you entertained and not bored of sex. The don’t want you going elsewhere. Many will even introduce another girl if not their friend for a threesome. That sounds all great but in my experience strippers have other issues like suicide, self esteem issues, arguing, laziness, are never satisfied, and always want more money. That is why you have to fuck em and leave em. I would love the opportunity to tag this girl for a while then say “see ya”!

Girl loves to take pictures of herself

This girl loved to take pictures of herself while her boyfriend watched. I am told there are plenty more but these were the only ones that he had. They are no longer dating but he sees her every now and then. Man, wee need to see those other pics. You need to get and send those in ASAP. Tell her you are going to fix her computer or something and do a search for jpg’s and email them in straight from her computer!

Those tits are to die for and she has a nicely shaved pussy and asshole that just screams fuck me hard. I bet she could take it all day long. I have met girls like this and they are sexual beasts, its not about attention with them… its about getting cock stuffed in them hard over and over.

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