Exgirlfriend forgot about self pics

Posted by Ron on August 05, 2012
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Don’t you just love these stories? You know the ones about the girl who send via mobile or email self pics in the bathroom looking at the mirror? Once they are out they are out and there is nothing anyone can do about it! That is exactly what happened here. these are fresh on the market and if you save them, they will be out there for ever. By all means save em on your computer.

An unknown reader sent these in along with the note “She deserves it, so I am sending these in after she took the self shots of herself about 3 months ago. I think she totally forgot about them.” Forgot or not, we are not going to be picky. I think sometimes it is a little hotter when they find out their pics are on the internet. Of course we don’t want that to happen to our girlfriends that we are with now but women somehow have that way of making men very mad. I guess guys do the same to women but there are not a lot of women spreading self photos in the mirror around the internet… just not the same. The great thing about these pics is we have a little background information on them. It makes the story complete when we fill in the few missing blanks. It makes it that much closer to the real thing!

The thing I love about these pics is they are not staged at all. It was like a spurt of the moment thing. Her hair is a little messy, she is still wearing what looks like to be a cute little nighty outfit and just has that sleepiness in her eye. She looks like she just woke up and was like “Hey, I think I take some naked shots of me in the mirror and send them to my boyfriend”. Well thank god she did because I am going to enjoy these for a while. I hope you do to.

Ex girlfriend pics of first time poser

Sent in by an anonymous user. All he said was that this was her first time posing. She is now his ex girlfriend and he really hates her so now he wants the pics on the internet! Well so do we. She has a nice pussy with a little hair and some average perky tits! Keep em coming!

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Memphis ex wife in pink with nice tits

This guys ex wife may look all sweet and innocent but as I am told, she is a really big cunt. The story I was told is that they were married for 3 years. One day Mark, the guy who sent these in, found out during a work party that she had been cheating on him with his boss.

They evidently met during the xmas party 2 years earlier when Mark had to leave for the office early. They had been drinking and well you know the rest of the story. So Mark quit his wife and his job then dug these pics up from before they were married and got his revenge by putting them up on the internet.

Two piece’s of advice Mark. When you take pics… get in those fucking panties! We want to see that pussy. I bet that thing is sopping wet and I want to see it along with everyone else visiting here. Second piece of advice, if your going to leave her, fuck her and do everything you always wanted but she would not. Fuck her in the ass and say oops, shoot it on her face and nose and say oops, I was aiming for your tits. Teach that bitch a lesson!

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Girl posing in leopard panties

After meeting this girl at Worlds of Fun in Kansas City, Jim fingered her on a few rides and got his dick sucked in the womens bathroom. He took her back to his place and fucked her. She took these pictures but would not show her pussy. He said he was not going to give her a ride home if she didn’t. After trying to get her to spread her stuff, she finally got mad and put her clothes back on. Jim gave her a ride home anyways so he could hit it another day. However, Jim reports that she would not take his calls later… so he gave us all her pics! Thanks Bro!

Naked in fiances mother in laws house

Cyale sent these big boob pictures in for us all. She has one nice rack! I would love to tity fuck her! These pictures were taken over thanksgiving 2005 at her mothers house. They were never released…. untill now.

Sarah, the big tity girl, was a heavy gambler. She gambeled their mortgage payments away on a house that they just put $15,000 down on. Payments started comming in late and they had a car repoe’d. After finaly foreclosing on the house and moving in with his parents, she left him just like that. What a greedy bitch.

Well Cyale did the right thing and submitted her big ass tits! Not sure why he would want to marry her in the first place, she just looks like a nice drunk night bang. So kudos to you for getting out of that Cyale.

Found nude pics of cheating Exgirlfriend on PC

Charles sent these in after he found out his girlfriend had been chatting wth strange men online. This “chatting” evidently involved trading naked pictures. After Charels found these on her computer he flipped out. She admited to meeting a few of them for sex and that the men took more pictures of her. Unfortunatly we do not have these :).

All of this happened only 2 weeks after he took her on a cruise to Jamacia and St Martin. What a bitch! I would have kept it around so I could pound that ass more!

Thrift store apartment

SO when I received these pictures I thought….why? Did she go to the local thrift store for some outfits to pose nude in? Must be a very trashy girl because she is smoking with stuff animals and wearing some ugly stockings. What am I saying, it’s all the same underneath.

Hollesbourne sent these in but he never told me the story so that leaves it up to the imagination. The rest of the apartment looks like it came from the thrift store too. But hey, like I said before, its all the same underneath…I don’t discriminate!