Guatemalan Princess Ana Maria Spreads Legs

Thanks to Javier we can now all enjoy images of a girl he met. He wrote me a story in Spanish and with my limited Spanish I could only understand it was really good if I could just fill in all the words I didn’t know. I had a friend of mine translate his email to English for us and it is as follows:

A while ago I was dating a girl, not the ones in the pictures but a different girl. She is a complete different story. I was not really that into her but I was staying at her parents house while I was in town visiting on weekends and when I skipped class. Anyways one day I was walking up to the corner store and a girl yelled “What’s up” from her front yard. I of course responded, “nothing how about yourself, what are you doing”. This is where things started to move along. She told me she had just moved from across the border in Guatemala and started living with her dad because her and her mom were fighting too much (Her parents were divorced). Her dad also made more money in Mexico and would send it down to her mother. She was smoking on the front step and mentioned her dad was not home and would kill her is he caught her smoking. She asked why I was going up to the store and if I could come with her.

We walked the next 3 blocks talking about the town and how there was not a lot to do and she doesn’t know anyone. She said her name was Anna Maria but never gave me her last name. I never told her about my bitch girlfriend who was currently working at a little clothing store downtown and kept it a secret the entire time. When we returned to her house she asked if I wanted to come in and off we went, into the golden temple (her bedroom). It was kind of empty because she had just moved in and only had a radio, a TV, and her clothes spread out all over.

We sat on the bed for about 45 min talking about things I don’t even remember. The only thing I recall is thinking about how I am going to make my move with her and how I was going to pull this off now that she is living only a few blocks away from my girlfriend. I had that strong pumping feeling in my heart. Not because I was nervous with the girl but because I was thinking about getting caught. I mean, I was living with her parents half time and things would be a big mess if she even found out I was in this girls house, yet alone about ready to make a move.

I puled out my camera and started showing her pics of my bird and some of my friends at a party when a pic of my girlfriend came up. She immediately asked “Who’s that?”. I hesitated for a second and said “My cousin, she also goes to the same school”. Whew, that was close but it worked. She was not suspicious the slightest bit. I took a picture of her and said “Pretty!”. As I showed her I said, ohhh I would love to get a kiss from those lips. That’s when she leaned in and gave me a small kiss that grew into a bigger one.

5 min later we were half naked on the bed and I was snapping pics of us. I was in heaven. My current girlfriend would never let me take pics… even if she was clothed. She hated the camera. I was enjoying every minute of it. As she took off her bra and panties I snapped a few more pics. She spread her legs wide open and touched her pussy a little like she was masturbating even though she wasn’t… it was just for me and the picture. Awesome! As we were fucking I grabbed the camera and took a few more. Her skin was so smooth and felt incredible on my hands.  Her tits were a little small but just having new boobs in my hands was the best feeling. I had forgotten what other girls boobs felt like. After about 15 min I pulled out and cam all over her ass. she jumped up and ran to the bathroom to clean it off before I could get the camera turned back on.

We went outside and talked for about another hour and an old blue Chevy truck parked in the street out front and an older man pulled up. Immediately she took her hand away from mine and said to he man “We were just talking. He is a really cool guy that lives down the street.” She had a tone in her voice that said “I’m in trouble”. The old guy who I am assuming was her dad said “Yeah? Well he has to go”. He turned towards me and said “Go on, I don’t need you around her to. i don’t want you coming back”. I tried to tell him I was not trying anything with his daughter but he kept saying he didn’t want to hear anything I had to say. As i was walking away Ana Maria told me to call to which I replied “I don’t have your number”. She started to yell it out… Five Two Four… Three… Then her father jumped in and started yelling nope nope nope so I could not hear her. He yelled out “My rules, My house if you wanna live here” and off she disappeared.”

I heard her yelling with her dad as I continued down the street. I never saw Ana Maria again and my girlfriend never found out. I did leave my bitchy girlfriend after knowing that i could get a much hotter girl that is willing to do a lot more in bed. I won’t be posting any of my new girls photos. I just don’t know this girl so what the hell… you can all have fun with them.


Wow! What a story. It is perfect… he got in, fucked her, got pics, left and never saw her again. That’s beautiful. Ana maria really is a Guatemalan Princess. She could use a little shave on her pussy but that never stopped any of us. She actually looks like a keeper if you could deal with that dad of hers. Then again Javier was just in there fucking his daughter an hour before he came home. And I want to know why she was fucking him in the house knowing her dad could be home at any minute. Anna Maria might be a girl with issues and looking for confrontation.


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Exgirlfriend Sonja

Posted by Ron on August 05, 2012
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So I am sick of mutes. Yes the photos are great but if your going to send me some photos say more than just “This is my ex Sonja”. In these pics Sonja looks to be a little redheaded. At least the curtains mach the carpet. Not the hottest hing on the block but if she was down to fuck then I would be all over it.

It also looks like she is not afraid of the camera… blow jobs, doggy style, cream pie, cum all over her, cock in her hand and all. She is even smiling in a lot of these photos. I think that is what most of like to see. A girl smiling for the camera really makes my day! It shows that she is also really into it and is enjoying it maybe as much as I am. Even if it is a lie to get us off, it’s a great one.


I would like to know what all the readers think of this average looking red head. Would you let her give you a blowjob, would you eat her pussy, would you fuck her. how about calling her the next day… or would you make it a one night stand? I sure as hell wouldn’t make her my girlfriend but I would take her around the blocks a few times…. but then again I would take anything around the block.


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Exgirlfriend forgot about self pics

Posted by Ron on August 05, 2012
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Don’t you just love these stories? You know the ones about the girl who send via mobile or email self pics in the bathroom looking at the mirror? Once they are out they are out and there is nothing anyone can do about it! That is exactly what happened here. these are fresh on the market and if you save them, they will be out there for ever. By all means save em on your computer.

An unknown reader sent these in along with the note “She deserves it, so I am sending these in after she took the self shots of herself about 3 months ago. I think she totally forgot about them.” Forgot or not, we are not going to be picky. I think sometimes it is a little hotter when they find out their pics are on the internet. Of course we don’t want that to happen to our girlfriends that we are with now but women somehow have that way of making men very mad. I guess guys do the same to women but there are not a lot of women spreading self photos in the mirror around the internet… just not the same. The great thing about these pics is we have a little background information on them. It makes the story complete when we fill in the few missing blanks. It makes it that much closer to the real thing!

The thing I love about these pics is they are not staged at all. It was like a spurt of the moment thing. Her hair is a little messy, she is still wearing what looks like to be a cute little nighty outfit and just has that sleepiness in her eye. She looks like she just woke up and was like “Hey, I think I take some naked shots of me in the mirror and send them to my boyfriend”. Well thank god she did because I am going to enjoy these for a while. I hope you do to.

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Camping show and tell

Dimitri went camping with his German girlfriend and they were sleeping in a large tent with a lot of his friends so they escaped to have a little fun. Good thing he had a camera with him and she let him take some pics… I wish I could see her pussy. I would eat her muff all day long if I could. Lucky man, I hope he enjoyed it.

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Stripping exgirlfriend doing laundry naked

Posted by Ron on June 13, 2010
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I love it when guys snap photos of their girls then send them in! Otherwise we would never see this girl. This girl was paranoid about her boyfriend having these naked photos but now we know why…. because he posts them online! Thanks for the pics bud. Please tell me you tap that ass every now and then. It’s to good a piece of meat to let go.

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Pink Outfitted Stripper Smoking Pot

I just love this girl in her pink stripper outfit. What more can a girl do than strip down in a pink outfit, let the guy take pics and then smoke some pot? Her pierced nipples just go to show that she is a major slut. It is girls like these that you don’t take home to mom, these girls are the type of girls you fun with for a while then kick them out before mom comes home.

Once you get wrapped up in a stripper you will start to notice many things in your life changing. One the sex will be awesome and most strippers will do everything they can to keep you entertained and not bored of sex. The don’t want you going elsewhere. Many will even introduce another girl if not their friend for a threesome. That sounds all great but in my experience strippers have other issues like suicide, self esteem issues, arguing, laziness, are never satisfied, and always want more money. That is why you have to fuck em and leave em. I would love the opportunity to tag this girl for a while then say “see ya”!

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Needs a little work on the treadmill

Posted by Ron on October 23, 2009
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This girl is one of those girls you fuck a few times then forget. She is the kind of girl that will go home with anyone as long as her friends aren’t looking. I do like a little chub everyone once in a while but it is not my main choice. My vote is she needs to buy a treadmill and run the belt down on it a bit.

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